Monday, November 23, 2009

How we met

1. Where/how did you meet: We met at the Tap Room on Beale Street. The story is long, so I will shorten it by saying I went out with a friend of mine, and we went to meet another friend and give him a baby present (had just had a daughter). When we walked into his place of employment, Donnie was carding at the door, and gave me a hard time because I didn't want to be carded. Later I found out he didn't work there, and was helping out while the other guy was in the restroom. He ended up sitting down by my friend and I, and at first he hit on my friend...when that didn't work he moved on to me, and the rest is history! I guess 2nd place really isn't the first loser! :) He asked me out for the next night, and we've been inseparable ever since

2. How long have you known each other: Since March 20, 2004!
3. How long after you met did you start dating: The next night? I don't know how to explain it, but we loved spending time together, so whenever Donnie was home in between trips for work we would go out and spend as much time together as possible.

4. How long did you date before you were engaged: six months

5. How long was your engagement: Six and a half months (really almost seven)

6. How long have you been married: 4 years, 6 months, and 8 days (not that I keep track!)

7. What is your anniversary: May 14, 2005

8. How many people came to your wedding reception: Well, one day when I was bored I counted all the signatures in my sign in book for the wedding, and there were 189 people that signed in!

9. What kind of cake did you serve: The wedding cake as fabulous (as all Carla Beard cakes are) it was vanilla cake and white icing. The grooms cake was chocolate cake with chocolate icing and little chocolate guitars from Dinstuhls..yum!
10. Where was your wedding: At my home church, Ridgeway Baptist.

11. What did you serve for your meal: We didn't have a meal, which threw the northern people off, but we did have heavy appetizers. Chicken fingers, grilled chicken, veggies, fruit, etc. (Don't want to talk to much about the catering because it was awful...)

12. How many people were there in your bridal party: 7 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, 2 ushers, 2 flower girls, 1 ring bearer, and 3 jr. what?? I wanted a big wedding!

13. Are you still friends with them all: Yes, though we don’t keep in touch as well as we should.

14. Did you or your spouse cry during the ceremony: Surprisingly-no.

15. Most special moment of your wedding day: Obviously saying "I do" was pretty memorable, but also the fact that I was able to involve my family in the wedding. My Uncle Bobby was the minister that married us, and to have someone that knows you that well be the one to lead you in to one of the biggest moments of your life is pretty special!

16. Any funny moments: I got married in the year of the "runaway bride." Need I say more?

17. Any big disasters: Not really. The church AC wasn't on when we got there so it was pretty warm, but nothing big!
18. Where did you go on your honeymoon: Chicago, IL. What a wonderful trip! We stayed at the Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago, in a suite, for free, for a whole week. Donnie brought me breakfast in bed every day, and then we would get ready and go tour the city. What an awesome time! Donnie also knew how much of a "country girl" he had married when we got to our suite, and he flung open the door and I kept yelling "Get Out...look how big this is....Get Out!" He just kept laughing and laughing.

19. How long were you gone: 7 days-then we came home and my parents moved me into Donnie's apartment. They left me there with all these presents, and a "strange boy." I cried and cried....ha. Donnie probably was wondering what he had done by marrying me.

20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change: I don't think I would change a thing!

21. What side of the bed do you sleep on: If you are looking at our bed, I sleep on the left. I hate being by the door!

22. What size is your bed: Queen

23. Greatest strength as a couple: Without a doubt, it has to be the fact that Donnie is my best friend. He's the first person I want to tell anything too, and the last person I want to talk to at night! We've also always had the motto "don't go to bed angry" so we always work out our differences before turning in for the night!
24. Greatest challenge as a couple: Infertility! It has been a long and winding road, and God has had to wrap His loving arms around us many times in the dark of night when the road seemed endless, cold, and with no direction.

25. Who literally pays the bills: We both do.

26. What is your song: I have no idea. We both sing praise songs all the time, and I know for a long time we thought the theme song to Shrek 2 was our song, but sadly I can't remember that anymore.

28. Describe your wedding dress: Totally me! Plain white with lots of embroidery around the top and on the train. I did not want flashy!
29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding: Spring flowers

30. Are your wedding bands engraved? No, but I keep telling Donnie I want to get his engraved, but he never takes it off!

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