Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So I have become a bad blogger! Not only do I not keep people up to date on GREAT savings, but I've failed in writing down tidbits of our daily life! To say that life has been crazy is a MAJOR understatement. I have no idea where the time has gone between the last post about Pillsbury crescent rolls, and this one, but just deal with it...ha.

I just hopped on here really quick to say thank you to everyone who has come to a coupon class lately. I took about a month off, and never realized how rusty I had become. Slowly I'm getting in the grove again, and I'm ready to schedule more classes so that I can spread the word on what coupons can do for you.

Oh, and is offering one of their "free for 4 days only" offers. They have postcards, t-shirts, pens, hats, and much more on their list, and all it will cost you is the price of shipping it to your home!

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