Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Savings at Target

Hi all!

Thanks to Angela Norton, I just got a message that at the Target at 240/Poplar the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are on price cut for $.97, and the crescent rolls are on price cut for $.93. If you go to www.coupons.com , you will be able to download and print coupons for $1.00 off of two Cinnamon Rolls, and $.50 off two crescent rolls. Angela also said that there are peelies on some of the packages for an additional $.55 off three! Stack these together with a coupon for $.50 off one from the general mills insert from a few Sundays ago (sorry I don’t have the date) and you will score a great deal on cinnamon AND crescent rolls! Even if you don’t have the $.50 off of one, you will still get a great deal! ***Thanks Angela!****
Another thing I noticed when we were in Target yesterday was that in the back right corner of the store they are carrying things in bulk like Sams and Costco. I got pretty excited when I saw that the big things of toilet paper were priced exactly as they are in the warehouse stores! The reason I got so excited??? At Target you can use manufacturer and store coupons to make the deal better! I’m still working on the price per roll, but so far if you have a $2.00 off Northern Tissue and buy the large package, you are spending less than if you bought it at Costco! Watch the blog for price comparison once I get it all figured out!

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