Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 years....where has it gone?

Five years ago this week, Donnie and I were in Michigan enjoying time at a pumpkin patch, catching a ride on a bale of hay, and picking apples. It was a cold I have never experienced in October, but I had the warmth of a brand spanking new diamond on my left hand to keep me warm! That's right, five years ago Saturday, Donnie asked me to be his wife! As I sit here and think, my heart and mind begin to fill with all the emotions, feelings, and love that I have with, and for this man. We've been through so much together over these past five years. Things that some couples who have been together 10, 15, 20 haven't even had to go through yet, but God knew what He was doing when He brought us together.
Babe-there is no one on earth that I would rather travel this road of life with. On that day 5 years ago, I would have never dreamed that within 18 months we would loose your dad to cancer, or that we would decide after 5 months of marriage to start trying to have a baby and 4 1/2 years later we would still be waiting, or that the pull of wanting to be with your wife would make you change your job and do something that you really didn't care for, for a while until something better opened up. I always thought your Grandma would know who I was, or better yet remember that she ever came to our wedding, and our house to visit a few years ago. I never would've thought that we would spend a bigger part of the spring of '08 in the nursing home and hospital praying Nana would get better, but knowing deep down she was about to go meet Jesus. Gosh, I thought we had already been through a lot before we got to that point five years ago. You know, things like losing Brent, my brother in law, only six short weeks after you and I began dating. You deciding to buy a new car just because you wanted to be able to get back and forth between my apartment and yours without having to ride in "Slyvia." Finally telling you about my love/hate relationship with food and weight....and you understanding it all! We've been through a lot, but I can honestly say in the past five years, the thing you did that impressed me most was ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour! I will never, ever forget the night you were taking me home and said "I've said that prayer, and I've asked Jesus in my heart. Not for you, but for me....I need to change." And change you have!
You are my one true love, and I pray and thank God everyday that he decided to make us wait until we were older to find our special someone! I love you babe, and wanted to know that five years ago you not only put that beautiful diamond on my finger, but you also stole my heart!

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  1. Well Babe, You about knocked my off my feet with that one. I love you. I would not have married just anyone. You are the most beautiful, kind and loving woman I know. I sure am lucky to have you.